Claire Martinez

Let's pray for boldness, for love for the lost, for trust in the God who lives in us and empowers us to do all things and go and glorify him by sharing of the best thing in life which is knowing him and let's see how he works! We'll meet at 10:30 am at the Queen Elizabeth Park, just near the main Street entrance to the park, praise God with some singing, pray for God to send us and use us and give us everything we need and remember that we are doing this in his strength and then let's go! If you've never done this before, there will be people there who can help you and of course, if you want to come along but not ready to have to do any of the speaking, it would be especially great to have you there! At the end we'll hear some stories of how God has worked, pray for the conversations that were had and see who's keen for another time of sharing. So looking forward to seeing you all there and proclaiming our great God, glorifying his name, making him known and being grown, taught and encouraged by him in the process!

Coordinator: Claire Martínez

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